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Situated very close to several beaches of northern Corfu, the area of Velonades is a traditional village created in 1472.

About Velonades

The area of Velonades features a lot of old, impressive mansions –either renovated or not. It is notable that residents of Velonades organize various cultural events, while there is a folklore museum, a library, a music school and a dance club there, maintaining the cultural background of this place.

Where to swim near Velonades

The village of Velonades is located very close to the beaches of northern Corfu, such as the famous tourist resorts of Sidari and Acharavi, which are the largest and most visited areas of northern Corfu. These places boast amazing beaches with various facilities offered.

Accommodation in Velonades

Apartments and houses for rent are available in Velonades, in order you to enjoy absolute seclusion and privacy while in Corfu, but you may find a lot of holiday rentals near Velonades as well, such as in Sidari or Acharavi, if you wish to stay in more vivid places.

Things to do in Velonades

Apart from joining the cultural events taking place in Velonades, you can enjoy the peaceful nature surrounding this area or, for adventure seekers, there are lots of opportunities for shopping and nightlife in the nearby tourist resorts on the northern part of Corfu.


Corfu Town 32,4km
Corfu Airport 32,9km
Corfu Port 30,1km
General Hospital 25,3km
Aqualand 29,9km
Achilleion Palace 38,3km

Rentals in Velonades

Currently, there are no rentals available in Velonades
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