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Chalikounas is located southwest of Corfu near Korission Lake, close to the village Argirades and is about 30 km from Corfu town. This part of Corfu has particular environmental interest and is the greatest wetland of the island.

About Chalikounas

This whole area is about 6000 square meters and throughout this distance you can meet about 154 species of birds like ducks, cormorants, pelicans and thousands of butterflies. The Korission Lake reveals a unique landscape that composes dunes, large areas of golden sand and a small forest of cedar and white lilies. The huts of fishermen, a few farmhouses and a bridge from wood are the only elements of human factor in this wonderful place.


The beach of Halikounas is next to Korission Lake and has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the island. The entrance of the beach is rocky, but then converted into a magical landscape of dunes and in a golden beach. The waters have blue and green color and small rocks emerge from the water. This area is ideal for people who want to be isolated and to enjoy the splendor of Corfu nature. The beach offers sun beds and umbrellas.

Accommodation in Chalikounas

In the area you can find apartments and luxury villas that cover all the needs of any kond of visitor.

Things to do in Chalikounas

There are some decent restaurants near the area of chalikounas, where you can also found the famous beach bar Tayo!

Places of Interest

Korission Lake
Chlomos Village
Beach Bar
Kite Surfing


Corfu Town 29,1km
Corfu Airport 27,1km
Corfu Port 29,9km
General Hospital 32,3km
Aqualand 26,9km
Achilleion Palace 23,0km

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