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15 Sep, 2012

What to do on a rainy day?

Corfu is most known for its sunny side of things. It does, however, rain here as well particularly in the fringe season months like September and May. It is what keeps the island so green and lush so we are grateful for it when it comes.

Stormy weather on Corfu can put on quite a show

Most important in my mind during these volatile months is to invest in better accommodation. Sitting in a not so pretty apartment on a rainy day is not much fun so look for something with a comfortable sofa at least and a good view as stormy weather on Corfu can put on quite a show.

The samurai armor is particularly impressive

Visiting museums on a rainy day are not part of Greek popular culture but we do offer ones that are unique. The private Shell Museum in Benitses is a good beach alternative. The Asian Art Museum in the palace of Saint Michael and George offers an impressive collection of extraordinary artifacts from the Far East. The samurai armor is particularly impressive as is the building interior. The Archaeological Museum  of Corfu on the other hand is home to the largest surviving temple apex representing the Gorgon Medusa flanked by her children Pegasus and Chrysaor battling the Titans in ancient Greece. All museums are closed on a Monday in Greece.

Spectacular views above the clouds

For me a drive through the inland villages of Kalafationes or Agios Matheos is the most enjoyable way to spend a rainy day with a stopover for a long lunch along the way. Alternatively head up into the mountains in the north for a more wintery feel and enjoy the spectacular views above the clouds. Try the village tavernas at Sokraki or Strinilas for a bite to eat.
Above all remember that enjoying is not necessarily about doing!

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