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The ghost-village of Old Perithia, situated on the hillsides of Mountain Pantokratoras on the northern Corfu.

About Perithia

While visiting Old Perithia, you may be able to see the abandoned mansions and the cobbled streets, reminding you the old times when people used to live in this village of Corfu. Corfiots resorted to this village in the past due to pirate attacks. The streets and stores were packed with people but later they decided to move and live in more tourist-developed areas of Corfu.

Where to swim near Perithia

It is impossible to have a dive in the village of Perithia, so you have to visit nearby beaches of northern Corfu, such as Acharavi, Kassiopi or Almyros that offer the best opportunities for swimming and relaxation.

Accommodation in Perithia

There are some nice accommodation opportunities, such as houses and apartments in Perithia. For those who seek holiday rentals along the beach, there are many hotels, villas and apartments in resorts near Perithia, like Kassiopi and Acharavi.

Things to do in Perithia

Nowadays, Perithia is a place of historic significance, captivating tourists due to the amazing natural environment. There are still some taverns and restaurants that are open during special celebrations and the summer months, serving fresh seafood, meat and traditional dishes of Corfu.

Places of Interest

Old Peritheia Village


Corfu Town 46,6km
Corfu Airport 47,2km
Corfu Port 44,5km
General Hospital 39,5km
Aqualand 43,1km
Achilleion Palace 56,8km

Getting to Perithia

Green Bus

Rentals in Perithia

Currently, there are no rentals available in Perithia

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