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08 Aug, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

The ‘blue moon’ expression with the ‘impossibility’ meaning is old and dates back to medieval England.
As far as the possibility of the moon being blue is concerned it is a very rare occurance indeed which involves an errupted volcano and so forth.
Two full moons in a month, however, isn’t really all that rare an occurrence – it happens approximately every three years- but out of experience it tends to happen during the month of August.
If you are holidaying in Corfu during the month of August, August the 31st to be precise, you will be able to witness a blue moon. In fact, part of the island’s life is to witness the moon as it comes up in the east in full view of Corfu Town. This of course happens on a daily basis and becomes the talk at morning coffee or a reason to text your friends if it is particularly red and dramatic so they can look out for it too on the horizon if you where the first to spot it.

Special Moon viewing spots

There are of course a few special spots from which to soak up the moon light and its mystical energies.
During the hot summer nights the most glamorous place would be from the open terrace caffe bar in the Old Fortress. Whilst sipping a mojito one could dream about travelling the world upon one of the super yachts in the bay in the hope of the moon making the dream come true.
For a more down to earth affair head for Anemomylos at the end of Garista Bay and dip your feet in the moon lit sea. There is of course the all out experience of champagne on a moon lit beach or the Kaizer’s Throne lookout in the village of Pelekas. For the late commers that missed the moon rise but are prepared to dance the night away check out the even more spectacular moon set in the early hours of the morning.
The main point is this. Greeks do certain things late. They get up late, they eat late, the make love late and thay sleep late. If you are back in your holiday accommodation by ten you are deffinitely missing out on half the day!

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