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25 Jan, 2013

Get Lost In Beauty Of Corfu

Even though Corfu is part of the Greek Ionian Islands, it stands apart from the rest of the mainland and other islands. Since it saw various rules in its long history, including Roman, Venetian, British, etc. the architecture of the island reflects its past in a dazzling manner. There are plenty of forts, palaces, churches, statues in honor of the various heroes of the island that show in its architecture and model that Corfu has witnessed many rules under various civilizations. The ruins and archeological findings all point to the fact that Corfu has been around for a very long time and witnessed plenty of history.

With Corfu earning one of the top spots as an ideal vacation spot, tourism has boosted and the quaint island has undergone plenty of change to accommodate its diverse visitors and tourists. If you wish to feel the old world’s charm in your choice of accommodation, do choose to stay in one of the bed & breakfast hotels in Corfu. These bed & breakfast hotels in Corfu are run by local families and have a decent service and excellent quality food. They are warm and friendly and try to make your stay as comfortable as possible and try to accommodate all your needs as well.

The bed & breakfast hotels in Corfu have home cooked meals that give them that edge over other accommodations and the food is all local or Greek, but if you request can serve up some international and continental cuisine as well. The owners can help guide you to the best guides on the island as well as the excursions that are a must for every visitor as well. This way you can utilize your time well and truly soak in the beauty of Corfu which is diverse and unique in its own way.

The caves that are only accessible by boat or the beaches that too are spectacular but accessible by boats alone, the lush greenery, the manmade sanctuary for the wildlife, the exotic species of birds, the flowers, crystalline waters, all are just too beautiful to describe in words. If you come with your partner, be it on a honeymoon or a getaway, you come back feeling closer to each other as well as nature, you truly appreciate the beauty around you. If you come with your family, you can be assured that despite the varied age groups in the family, everyone is sure to have a great time as all their needs will be catered to on the island.

Coming to Corfu with friends means you can paint the town red, explore the island while having fun or go hiking in the mountains without a care in the world. The nightlife is pretty cool as well, plenty of bars, clubs and discos are scattered about the island and you can be sure to have fun till the wee hours of the morning without worrying about security around you, as Corfu has a pretty low crime rate and walking alone is pretty normal here.

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