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23 Nov, 2012

Agios Stefanos: A Place worth Travelling

From the airport or even from the capital of the island Corfu Town, it will only take about 35 kilometers to reach the place of Agios Stefanos (West). Using a car to reach the place, the maximum time to reach is about one hour and 45 minutes. It is a travel that will truly define beauty since that along the road you will be witnessing the wonderful gift of nature with its very fascinating panorama.

The fishing village of Agios Stefanos is a small resort in Corfu Island and one of the very first fishing village that was established.

The place is painted with a nice backdrop coming its standing gentle hills being cover with its innumerable olives groves and its idyllic, sophisticated and unspoiled rural valley. The mile long beach of Agios Stefanos provides a both shallow and a flashing blue waters covering its golden soft sand which very safe for children to swim.

Because the Agios Stefanos’ shallow feature and its spaciousness, although underdeveloped, the area’s safe environment for kids makes it very popular venue for many family holidays. Its identity as a fishing village is paramount that gives it added tourism to the community for already more than 20 years without losing its distinctiveness. The fishing industry continues to play the most important role to village’s economy.

The place of Agios Stefanos has lots of restaurants and taverns and one good thing about them is that they will continue to stay open until the last customer decides that he has already reached his alcohol level and needs a hand in going back to his apartment. There are also many kinds of establishments around like supermarkets, gift shops, jewelry shops, laundries, bakeries, bars and music cafés, making sure that during anyone’s stay in the village, they will never have to worry about anything since that they can buy anything they want during their stay.

The resort also endows with cash hire, has available daily newspapers and provides foreign currency exchange rates.  Many sun beds are available next to the sea for rent and fine umbrellas can be used with an extra charge.

Freshly caught fishes of different kinds can also be bought at the local harbor which is just a 10-minute walk from the center of the village from the fishermen who wakes early in the morning to go fishing.
Even though the place of Agios Stefanos is mainly a village for fishing, it offers lots of opportunity other places located near the vicinity, which makes the visit more fun, and interesting. Busier and prominent resorts nearby such as Arillas offer a very accommodating atmosphere and very beautiful sunsets. You can also try to go and experience the crystal clear waters of Agios Georgios Pagi and with just a little mile additional travel, you can get to visit busy resorts like Roda, Sidari and Acharavi which has a wide range of facilities.

The secluded beaches in Corfu Island can give the relaxation that you needed from those stressful times in work and can make you feel the good times in a full nightlife.

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