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Villa Yiannis Apartments Kato Korakiana

Villa Yiannis Apartments Kato Korakina Description

The Villa Yiannis Apartments  in Kato Korakiana are wonderful rentals to stay at while you are on vacation or are on a honeymoon. There is a lot to enjoy here and have a great time. The staff and the owners are very friendly and will hook you up with the right apartment for you. The rooms that are present are spectacular and designed with a modern touch. There is also a very nice view that you can enjoy from the balcony. While you are residing here you will feel as if you are at home and in a comfy and calm environment. So if you are confused and do not know of a great hotel or rental apartments then you should definitely try out the Villa Yiannis and have a spectacular time here. There is so much fun here and you can also enjoy the lounge area and the swimming pool. You can watch your favorite channels because there is the facility of satellite television. These apartments are the best in the location and are guaranteed to give you the best vacation comfort possible. So if you are looking for a gorgeous place to reside, then come to the Villa Yiannis Apartments today.

Apartment Facilities

  • Lounge Area
  • Bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Air-conditioning
  • Direct phone calling
  • Satellite Television
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Balcony
  • Pool bar
  • Swimming pool


Area Information

The Villa Yiannis Apartments are located in the area that is known as Kato Korakiana near the well known Castello Mimbelli and the local branch of the National Gallery. They are situated in a woody are that is near a lot of greenery around 600m from the holiday resort. There is also a wonderful sandy beach that is situated 12 kilometers north of the Town of Corfu. The environment of the apartments is in a safe location so you are bound to have a spectacular time during your stay.


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