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The Castle of Kassiopi

kassiopi castleThe castle of Kassiopi signifies the ancient history of Corfu. It was built by the Romans (there could have been another building in its place earlier). From the castle one could control the strategic passage between Kassiopi and greek ancient place Vouthroto. In 577 AD the Goths destroyed it. Its decline  begins basically since the 11th century AD with the decline of the Byzantine empire. In 1081 Robert Guizcard, a Norman leader, occupies Kassiopi. In the following years the Crusaders plunder Kassiopi, as well as the whole island. In 1386 the castle of Kassiopi is occupied by Angevins, who fought against Venetians prevailed, they destroyed the castle completely. The town remained unprotected and lost its significance. 100 years later Venetians rebuilt it until the Turks devastated it and destroyed the church of Holy Mary in 1537. In 1571 , after another invasion of the Turks, everything was burnt and most of the population was exterminated. At the same time the big forest that extended to the eastern side of the mountain from Spartylas to Sinies and Kassiopi was also burnt.

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