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Avlaki Taverna Avlaki

Avlaki Taverna AvlakiA family-run business, Avlaki Taverna is the first restaurant in the area; it was founded by Spyros Mavronas in the summer of 1987 and it was run by him and his wife, Toula, in the most friendly, homelike way, for many years. Now the restaurant is managed by the two sons of Spyros, Adonis and Yiannis, in the same, most friendly, homelike way.

Avlaki Taverna is located at the beginning of Avlaki beach and it is placed just a few meters away from the sea, giving its customers the chance to enjoy a stunning view of the clear blue water of the Ionian Sea, the mountains that are located at the opposite coast of North Epirus (modern South Albania) and the green cape of St. Barbara, situated just on the right.

The restaurant, well known for its quality amongst both Corfiots and holiday makers, it’s famous for offering fine Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Avlaki’s cuisine uses top quality fresh ingredients, home grown vegetables and herbs, home-made feta cheese and delicious organic wine, while local fishermen daily provides us with our fresh and tasty fish of the Ionian Sea.

We wish you to enjoy your holidays and to have a good time with us.

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