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Sidari is one of the most popular areas of Corfu and each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world and especially from England. Located on the northern point of the island and is 32 km from Corfu town.The reputation of the region due to the Canal d’Amour, so named due to the opening of a rock in the sea where the myth says, who spent swimming in the rock passage will meet the great love of his life.  The landscape composes strange formations of rock sandstone, damaged by erosion from water and air, thus give the impression that the visitor takes part in one of the most bizarre creations of nature.  In some places among the rocks there are caves which enable more adventurous visitors can explore the bottom of the diving area. Several years ago the villages in the area of Sidari was two, much smaller than the present village, but over time and the tourist development built accommodation and various tourist shops so the village joined to form a single village. Finally, Sidari is a continually growing tourist area which has a strong activity day and night.


sidari canal d amourBeach

The main beaches of the village are three. The first is the most tourist, is long and consists of sand. The second is more particular, forms a small bay with wonderful special formations of rocks. The third beach is in the famous Canal D’AMOUR outside the village road to the village Peroulades ,at the right of the road there are signs directing you to the beach.



As in other tourist areas in Corfu, thus and Sidari  has a variety of cheap accomodation equipped to meet the basic needs of visitors. Also, has big hotels with swimming pool and smaller hotels as well as studios. Some of them is Mary Apartments, Corfu Pamar Hotel, Haroula Apartments, Joy Life Hotel, Christakis Hotel, The Wave Apartments, Alkion Hotel and others.


The village has several services such as pharmacy, clinic, gas stations, rental car and motorcycle, automatic bank machines, travel agencies for tours, green bus services, several souvenir shops, supermarkets.


Due to tourism development Sidari has a thriving nightlife. The shops lie one next to another so that, the visitor has many choices. However there are also a beach bar, which allows guests to relax by the sea with a drink. In the area you can also find a wide range of nightclubs  like Ice Club, organizing various night shows, karaoke bars like Palazzo Bar and Shakers Bar, Bed Bar, Babylon Bar, Falkon Bar, also has snack bars that stay open all day and pool bar. However, the restaurants and taverns offer the visitor the taste of traditional Greek cuisine, some of them is Jenis Mediterranea Moment Cafe, Aquarius Restaurant Bar, Konaki Greek Taverna, Orchard Restaurant, and Pizza Romana, but who is looking fast food and typical Greek pitta gyros or suvlaki, Sidari is the ideal place.

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