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Moraitika Village Moraitika is a traditional village with a great history and is located about 20km from Corfu town. The first signs of the history of the village are identified during the Neolithic Age. Then follow the finding of an ancient temple of the 3rd century B.C and the ruins of a later ancient Hellenic building. Also particular archaeological interests are the Roman Baths which preserved in very g ...

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Messonghi Village Messonghi is located east of the island and just 13km from Corfu town. The village attracts many visitors because it has natural beauty and all the necessary standards. Next to Messonghi it is the village of Moraitika and between them there is a river that separates the two villages. The region before becoming a tourist village was a typical fishing village. Even today there are small fish ...

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Benitses is a classic Corfiot village just 11km from the center and is considered one of the most tourist destinations of the island. It keeps the traditional atmosphere with the most modern tourist facilities. Benitses is surrounded by the lush landscape of Corfu nature which is ending in a lovely azure beach and allows the visitor to enjoy the beauty of the village in all its majesty. The village apart fr ...

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Korission Lake

The Korission Lake located southwest of Corfu, close to the village Argirades and is about 30 km from Corfu town. This part of Corfu has particular environmental interest and is the greatest wetland of the island. This whole area is about 6000 square meters and throughout this distance you can meet about 154 species of birds like ducks, cormorants, pelicans and thousands of butterflies. The Korission Lake r ...

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