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Ag. Stefanos (North East)

Northeast of Corfu is the majestic fishing village Agios Stefanos. This traditional place is 35km from Corfu Town and 3km from Kassiopi. To the picturesque harbor of San Stefano, which is the closest point with Albania, the visitor can relax and have in front the deep blue Ionian Sea and directly above the olive groves of the region. The village reminds us the words of the famous Greek Nobel Prize winner Od ...

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Ag. Georgios (North)

Agios Georgios is a small district located in one of the most beautiful bays of Corfu. The area is green full of olive and cypress trees that create a wonderful location. There where the bay ends, there is a cape with a lighthouse, which separates St. George from Arillas. In the area exists some ruins and structures of indeterminate age which makes mysterious the village. The few scattered houses along the ...

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Sidari is one of the most popular areas of Corfu and each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world and especially from England. Located on the northern point of the island and is 32 km from Corfu town.The reputation of the region due to the Canal d'Amour, so named due to the opening of a rock in the sea where the myth says, who spent swimming in the rock passage will meet the great love of ...

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Roda is situated North of Corfu and is one of the best tourist destinations in Corfu. The village is built along the beach and is just below the highest mountain Pantokratoras and make the area also an ideal holiday destination since Roman times, as archaeological evidence of Roman villas. Roda is cosmopolitan ,is one of the best areas in Corfu on contemporary life and so visitors besides comfort, feel and ...

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Arillas Village The village Arillas located northwest of Corfu is about 40km from the center and Corfu Airport. Arillas  is a small corfiot traditional village and is a reference to those who seek quiet family holidays around the Corfu greenery. The village has a rich history, having dated around 1850-70 when residents came down from the mountains of Corfu and the first houses built made of clay, sea pebble ...

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The word Acharavi etymogically consists of the Greek word achari hebe, meaning  "ungracious youth". Acharavi is located in the North part of Corfu and is the capital of municipal Thinalion. The town consists of various branches that leads you to the largest beach in North Corfu. In the village are many services that offers the needs of the visitors. Also the village is starting point for excursions to tradi ...

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Municipality of Kassiopi is situated on the north-eastern part of Corfu island. It is located 34km  far from Corfu town. The name of Kassiopi can be found in ancient texts. The myth says that Cassiopeia was the wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia and mother of Andromeda. The history of the region is very interesting. Since the ancient times it appears to be a place with a great strategic importance. The castle ...

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