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Pontikonisi ( Mouse island)

Pontikonisi ( Mouse island)

Pontikonisi means……Corfu

The famous Pontikonisi (Greek meaning “Mouse Island”) is a green rock with many trees, located at the entrance of the lagoon Chalikiopoulos across the Corfu airport I.Kapodistrias. On the island there is a Monastery which celebrates on August 6. Only on this day you may visit the island for pilgrimage but the whole year you can visit it only in certain spots, under the supervision of a responsible guardian. Unfortunately, your visit to the rock must be instantaneous and immediate. The name of Pontikonisi comes from its shape, it is the white stone staircase of the Monastery that when viewed from afar gives the impression of a mouse tail. The islet is a natural museum and any visit is prohibited, because there are risks of destroying the ground  by visitor’s steps. Finally, in the church of the island are carried out many weddings and baptisms.  In summer, the little boats depart from Perama or from the area Kanoni.

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