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Alex Katerina Apartments

Welcome to Alex Katerina Apartments, a place for everyone! Come visit us and enjoy the family and very friendly atmosphere. We are located in a very pleasant and quiet place where you can rest, have a good time and relax, by either lying on sunbeds or swimming in the swimming pool. Children can have their own great time at the playground or even playing in the childrenʼs pool perfectly safe. This property i ...

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Romantic Studios Peroulades

Romantic Studios Peroulades Description The Romantic Studios in Peroulades apartments are spotless, spacious and you will spend hours relaxing on the balcony staring at the view of the lush landscape while enjoying your coffee.The traditional settlement of Peroulades is located in the NW part of the island of Corfu, just 40 kilometers from Corfu city. The village is full of Venetian mansions with coats and ...

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Villa de Loulia Hotel Peroulades

Villa de Loulia Hotel Peroulades Description Villa de Loulia is situated in one of the most gorgeous corners of the Greek island of Corfu. This is a beautiful luxury hotel that will offer to you the facilities that you would want to expect in a four or five star hotel in Greece. The Villa de Loulia welcomes all the guests that come here to the main villa, which is a historic mansion that is situated within ...

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Corfu Andromeda Hotel Apartments and Studios Peroulades-Sidari

Corfu Andromeda Hotel Apartments and Studios Peroulades-Sidari Description The Corfu Andromeda Hotel has been newly built and is quite spectacular. The rooms and apartments are very nice. The rooms are very spacious and designed to fit the resident’s needs. The atmosphere of the apartments is quite friendly and the staff is always working to provide the public with the best service possible. There are many ...

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