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Pantokrator Mountain

Pantokrator Mountain

Pantokrator is the highest mountain of Corfu with 917m altitude.  Is an observatory for the Ionian Sea, the mountains of Albania and Corfu countryside. The route that visitor is following from Corfu Town to the mountain Pantokrator is excellent. The visitor must follow the sign towards to Paleokastritsa, then turn left to Dassia and passing Ipsos, must go forward to the village of Spartilas. When you reach the village Spartilas the landscape released by the cosmopolitan character and the baton gets a completely different landscape marked by stones, earth and wildernesses beauty. At the top of the mountain there is the Monastery of Pantokrator where the tradition says it was built there when a shepherd found the image of the Virgin which was holding the newborn Christ and the picture is currently hosted at church of the Monastery. Remarkable is the iconostasis of the monastery, which dates back in 1711, that makes a religious atmosphere in the church, in combination with frescoes which is decorating the walls. Characteristic of Pantokrator is the tall and state television antenna which presence the modern culture in this picturesque landscape.

Walking Tourism

The mountain of Pantokrator is ideal for walking tourism since the top, start various dirt roads that along the way end up in Corfu villages, such as Loutses,  Porta,  Nissaki, or Petalia. Also, the area offers routes for Mountain bikes, off road destination, jeeps and motorbikes Enduro.

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