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New Fortress

New Fortress

The New Fortress of Corfu (Nuova Fortezza) was built in the 16th century, by the Venetians to protect the city from invaders by the sea. The architect Francisco Vitelli demolished more than 2,000 houses and churches in order to build the huge walls of fortress. The gate is decorated with a carved lion, emblem of St. Mark, which connects the fortress with Venice. Inside there are two English barracks, underground tunnels that connect the old fortress and the temple of the 17th Century, the Panagia Spileotissa. The view from the top is excellent; the visitor can admire the old port, the city of Corfu and the deep blue Ionian Sea. The new fortress suffered many attacks culminating in these of Second World War. Today is an architectural jewel for the city of Corfu, which hosts concerts, exhibitions and other artistic activities.

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