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Harry’s Taverna Perithia

Taverna Harry,s located in Perithia, about 5km from Kassiopi village and about 35 km from corfu town. Corfu port was Venetian for 411 years. When the Venetian's were here they brougth with them their tradisional cuicine, also their way of healthy distinctive menus such us: corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers, chocolate, coffe and much more. All of a typical Mediterranean charatecteristic based on olive oil, vege ...

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Grill House Panorama Porta

The Panorama grill room is located in Porta, a small village in North East Corfu Sinies. For 20 years we have offered our customers traditional Greek food, dishes with authentic flavour and meat that is cooked over the coal. Our name is associated,with incredible views, from the hills of Albania to the depth of the mainland to the city lights of CorfuTown. Enjoy the high quality food in a nice and friendly ...

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Kochili Restaurant San Stefanos (North East)

The restaurant kochili is located in majestic harbour to St. Stephanos ( Sinies), a wide variety of foods you can choose fresh seafood,vintage meats and special delicacies. The restaurant serves food during the daytime and the night time also, the sea view with irresistible flavors and friendly staff of kochili restaurant will make your meal unique in one of the most beautiful areas of Corfu.Reservation pho ...

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Kerasia Taverna Kerasia

Kerasia Taverna is one of the most famous tavernas on the beach and specialises in fresh seafood. You'll be wowed by the fish mezze, which features mussels, baby octopus, crispy fried squid and marinated anchovies. Taverna is open alla day also and the night time and awaits το try the delicious tastes Address: Kerasia Beach, Sinies. | Tel: 26630 81521 ...

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Avlaki Taverna Avlaki

A family-run business, Avlaki Taverna is the first restaurant in the area; it was founded by Spyros Mavronas in the summer of 1987 and it was run by him and his wife, Toula, in the most friendly, homelike way, for many years. Now the restaurant is managed by the two sons of Spyros, Adonis and Yiannis, in the same, most friendly, homelike way. Avlaki Taverna is located at the beginning of Avlaki beach and it ...

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