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Eating wild

You’ve probably heard of pastitsada and sofrito if not eaten before. The classic local dishes that keep you asking for more. Corfiot dishes tend to be sweetened with sugar and cinnamon and spiced up with red pepper much like the island’s temperament in fact. There of course a few secrets you won’t get on every restaurant’s menu. Almyrixa is a local bushy green that grows in the sand between rocks on the sea ...

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Be your own Captain!

Having experienced it myself time and time again there is but one way above all others to get the best possible sensation of what Corfu the Green Island of the Mediterranean is about. Head north out of Corfu town and stick to the eastern coastal road, the one looking over to the mainland that is. From around Dassia resort onwards you can hop onto a Caique (traditional boat) trip for the day. This way you ar ...

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What is in an island?

There is something about an island, the sun and beach kind, that one does not feel living on the mainland. Rather than feeling restricted by the inability to jump in a car and head for the neighboring country one is compensated by a sense of expansiveness promised by the distant horizon. Feel as if you are on Holiday The surrounding sea allows you to dream, to imagine, to float, to travel, to feel as if you ...

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35 Blue Flags for the Corfu island’s coasts

Every year just before summer season all the coasts in Greece and in other countries are being carefully examined in order to be designated as proper and safe, with no environmental pollution and satisfying for the needs of their visitors. The award winning for each beach or coast is the "Blue Flag". The "Blue Flag", is a symbol of quality in over 41 countries today awarded on strict criteria to organized b ...

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Why Corfu?

If you haven’t already visited Corfu yourself you probably know someone that already has. During the 60’s and 70’s Corfu was the hip place to be from free style camping to Onassis style yaughting. During the 80’s and 90’s package holiday groups set their mark on the scene and early in new the new millennium much has yet to be seen. Corfu is currently undergoing a huge identity change with much of the old st ...

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Where the Locals Swim

One would think that most things to see or do on Corfu Island have been covered in tourist guide books or holiday web sites. In fact what is written in most of these is hardly ever written by locals and most often than not the same tourist orientated locations get covered every time. Next time you visit Corfu Town grab your bikini and a towel and head for Anemomylos. This is the windmill you can see at the ...

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Where to holiday?

Before you consider what swimming costume to take with you on holiday this year please ask yourself the following question. Am I heading for the right place? There is nothing worse than looking forward to an annual holiday you have painstakingly saved for only to end up somewhere you really don’t want to be. In fact it all begins as to the reasons why you chose your holiday destination in the first place. I ...

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