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Apraos Bay Hotel

Apraos Bay Hotel Description The Apraos Bay Hotel is built in Venetian style and has a beautiful green frame. It is a wonderful hotel that is surrounded by olive and green groves. This is a magnificent hotel that has spacious rooms for you to spend your vacation in. If you are with family or friends then you will definitely love your stay. This is a nice hotel that will provide you with excellent customer s ...

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Kalamaki Apartments Beach Apraos

Kalamaki Apartments Beach Apraos Description The Kalamaki Apartments offer 3 keys accommodations for guests. The rooms of the apartments are very nice and have a living and sleeping area. The bedrooms are spacious and will have lots of room if you are staying with family members. There staff of the apartment is very friendly and are always willing to help the guest out. The rooms of these apartments are ver ...

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