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Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion Palace located in the traditional corfiot village Gastouri, 10 km from Corfu town. The road starts from the highway Corfu- Achilleion follow the straight road and after turn left at Ponti. The way is exciting, has successive turns and green hills with olive trees. Finally passing through the village Gastouri in the first location on the hilltop is the Achilleion Palace. The palace was built by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, the famous Sissy and the Emperor of Germany Kaiser William II. At first glance, the visitor sees statues (inspired by ancient Greek Mythology), beautiful gardens, tall trees, and an amazing view. When we enter in the palace, we can admire the marble fireplace and the portrait of Empress Elisabeth.

The roof of the building depicts the excellent project of “Four Seasons”. At the end of the ladder there is the famous oil painting which depicts the triumph of Achilles in the battle with Hector during the Trojan War. After that follows the chapel of Elizabeth, with exquisite frescoes from the trial of Christ. Also in the palace there are personally priceless value objects and paintings. On the reverse side of Achilleion and specifically at colonnade you will see the statues of the nine muses of antiquity, together with the statues of Apollo, the three Graces and the winged god Hermes. In the center of the garden you can admire the marble statue with Achilles where pulls the arrow from his heel and also you can see the huge bronze statue which depict Achilles again, with his shield and his spear.

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